Challenges With Casinos in Detroit You May Not See Coming

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The Downfall of the Gambling Industry in Detroit, Michigan

Cities like Detroit have experienced dire economic problems. For decades, the gaming industry has operated as a massive cash cow for both sides of the political spectrum. For the first time, the state of Michigan, which runs five casinos, has lost money on those casinos in a single year. Although the news has not yet been made public, the conclusion from a recently released report confirms it.

This comes as a complete surprise to many. Yet somehow, gambling in Detroit, the largest city in the state of Michigan, have proven to be a complete failure in the eyes of the public.

For the first time in history, the state has lost money on all of its casinos. This is according to some anonymous sources close to the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The details of how much exactly they lost will remain unknown. Some reports indicate that over the course of the past year, the state has given $1.3 billion in “regulatory revenue” to the state budget. As a result, they have actually lost more than $600 million.

This loss is largely attributed to the increasing levels of violent crimes that have been reported in the state. Also with the loss of gambling revenue to other cities. One of those cities, Detroit, has made it a point to distance itself from casinos. Telling people in recent months that gambling is a huge risk for the people that live in Detroit.

Although gambling is a staple of the economy for most major cities in the world. It has always fallen short for cities like Detroit, which rely heavily on gambling for their economic growth. As previously stated, this has been a major issue for the state for years. and one that has not been helped by the fact that Detroit has been trying for decades to shift away from casinos altogether.


What will be interesting is seeing if this is the end of gambling in Detroit for good. The Detroit mafia has historically managed the casino industry in the city. Many believe they have been the true cause of the economic problems that have plagued the city for many years. That is not to say that casinos will never operate in Detroit. At this point, the outcome of this most recent losing effort will likely determine whether Detroit will continue to try to flee from gambling. Or is gambling in Detroit destined for extinction?

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