History of Gambling in Kentucky

The history of gambling in Kentucky can be traced back to the gambling clubs that came into existence just before the Great Depression; and after that period. At that point, it was illegal to engage in any form of casino gambling but it didn’t stop the avalanche of gambling dens from springing forth.

Contributing factors to this were the proximity of Ohio and the presence of organised crime gangs that had control over most of the activities that happened in Newport and other northern parts of the state.

Top gambling houses in Kentucky history

Way before these days of sports gambling and other games, like bingo, entered the internet on the back of the numerous new bingo sites, gamblers relied on illegal betting houses to get their entertainment.

Some of the most popular illegal gambling establishments of the time included Beverly Hills Club, the Primrose Club, the Yorkshire Club, the Lookout House and the Flamingo. In the 1930s, these clubs competed amongst themselves and as a result, there were numerous cases of fights breaking out. Beverly Hills for instance was set on fire in the late 1930s.