The Untold Secret To ZEPHYR In Less Than Ten Minutes

The Untold Secret To ZEPHYR In Less Than Ten Minutes

Zephyr is AI-powered trading and guessing space platform brought up by WEB 3 wind of change. We aim to replicate transparent, whales-free, conventional trading and coins price prophecies covering all promising markets.

Grab Up to 10X Gains in 2 Days with Lowest Risk Bets Ever Seen!

Guess. Analyze. Invest. Repeat to Profit

What is Zephyr?

  • Zephyr is the platform for creating crypto forecasts and synthetic trading. The platform enables users to profit from coins’ price runups, IDO price shifts, NFTs, or iGaming events, while utilizing inclusive market data.

What Sets Zephyr Apart from Current Prediction Platforms?

  • The radically improved mechanism for creating forecasts eliminates the influence of crypto whales and early token owners. All users have equitable trading standards while utilizing:
  • – Guessing space
  • – Wisdom of Crowds data
  • – Invest in MVPs feature
  • – Polystage staking program

Enormous Potential

$100M+ Monthly Crypto-Based Predictions Volume

390M+ Expected Market Size in 2023

Explore AI-powered Trading and Guessing Space Brought Up by WEB 3 Wind of Change

Bet on a coin’s price movement to receive a daily yield with zero risk!

Utilize Market Data

Utilize Market Data

Get access to a wisdom of crowds data – pure market sentiment, none exchange will ever share with you.


Unlash premium features & the highest farming potential by staking in $TKN. Play your part in the platform’s governance, and provide liquidity.



Revel in fair, easy, whales-free, and plain trading with Zephyr to reach your top performance!

Invest in Trading MVPs

Generate yield with most winning traders before making your move.

Invest in Trading MVPs

How it Works


The closer one appears to the settlement result the higher the yield!

Let’s Try!


To Earn with Zephyr, You Can Set a Course On: Trading


What Is USDZ, and Where Can I Buy It?

  • USDZ is what’s known as a virtual stablecoin pursuing a steady valuation. USDZ is pegged to the US dollar. 1 USDZ has the exact value of $1.00. Zephyr uses USDZ for creating forecasts and paying fees. Users are free to obtain additional USDZ supplies in-house. 


Get a Guess!

How Are My Rewards Calculated?

  • The closer your forecast is to the settlement result, the higher your profits. The platform has 30% more winning odds than classic trading platforms, while the top accurate result can witness a 2x gain.

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